Palet Flevoland is the center for highly gifted, extra gifted and highly sensitive children in the Almere, Lelystad and Zeewolde region. We help you. We understand you.

It’s great to be highly gifted, extra gifted or highly sensitive, yes. But it’s not just hosanna. How you experience the world can sometimes also give you social problems and stress.

Because you’re losing it. You get lost. It seems like you have no connection. You underperform because you don’t want to be different. You withdraw or become angry, ugly or worse.

Our ‘Your child is moving again’ route

Dear parents, do something about it. With our approach things will get better quickly. Changes take place after just a few sessions. We cannot guarantee that problems and/or symptoms will disappear completely. But we use all our expertise to help your child become himself again, to understand the world better and to interact with people more easily, on the move. We do this together: your child, you and us.

Giftedness and giftedness

You have high intellectual capacities (IQ 130+/130-115), a high degree of creativity and a high motivation.


Sometimes one of these three doesn’t come out. You feel questioned. That makes you insecure, because it feels like not complying with ‘how it should be’. You want to adapt. But how do you do that? Children are often not gifted across the board. “Well, he doesn’t really ride a bike yet, does he?”

high sensitivity

You are more sensitive to positive and negative stimuli than others. You catch everything.


Sometimes it’s hard to deal with it. You keep arguing endlessly, even with yourself. Compliments, criticism, or no feel like a personal rejection. That hurts. It’s like having your senses on sticks. As if your brain is constantly on high alert . Inside you react violently to all kinds of signals.

Is your child gifted, gifted or highly sensitive? Take the indicative self-test at the bottom of this page . Then you have more certainty.

What do parents see?

A child who skips thinking leaps. Very (too) honest, want to know the end point and then reason back. Instead of the other way around like other kids. A confused child who tries to adapt to the behavior of others. And suddenly stagnates in development.

What do you feel?

“I’m different and I don’t know how.” You feel like an outsider. You want to belong, but sometimes you don’t understand people. And they don’t understand you. You doubt yourself. You love doing it right (perfectly). But you’ve lost your way.

What are you doing?

You try to deal with it, but inside you feel displeasure, frustration, confusion. You run, fight or freeze. Maybe you conform, maybe you make yourself small. Or you become dominant, know-it-all, aggressive, trying to move others in your direction. Or you isolate yourself in your own world, feel lonely, avoid connection, become demotivated. Do you recognize that?

About Palet Flevoland

We see how you are, who you are. Alone, with your parents, at school, with others or in a group. We understand what you run into. We prevent it from getting worse and stimulate your development.

Palet is the center for gifted, gifted and highly sensitive children 0-18 years. This is where all forms of support come together. We advise, guide, treat, accommodate and coordinate. To support you. As quickly as possible, as adequately as possible and as short as possible.

We help you understand who you are and what suits you. And what not. In which areas you are different from others, what that means and how you deal with it without losing yourself.

We offer diagnostics, intelligence research, school skills tests, therapy, treatment, coaching, guidance, play groups, a work lab, out-of-school care, toddler care, contact with developmental peers, vocational therapy, specialist youth care for, for example, fear of failure and mood problems. We also work closely with other providers. We offer you what you need, sometimes we refer you, but keep in touch. We are the spider in the web for you.

We adapt flexibly to you. For example, if you suddenly need three sessions with another therapist, fine. We even arrange the financing.

In addition, we guide parents, teachers (PO) or teachers (VO). We also give practical help on how to go about things. And we organize training courses for parents, schools, out-of-school care and nurseries.

Alexander Haffmans

Carolina Vlemmings

Esther Wolters–Ouburg

Gertine Vorstelman

Katja van der Weide

Kelly van Zomeren–Sinke

Marella Rentenaar–Caous

Marit Webeling

Miran Wardenburg


Mirjam van Willigenburg

Nienke Denekamp

Sandra Gobel

Stephanie Schriek

Susanne Schmidt

Suzanne van der Vaart

Tina Broekema

For whom?

For anyone with a suspicion of giftedness, giftedness or high sensitivity. Sometimes with problems at home, at school or elsewhere, sometimes to prevent problems, sometimes with symptoms of autism or ADHD. We also help parents how to deal with it, you don’t have to lose your child first before you get him/her back.

And we offer practical support to educational and reception institutions.

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For secondary education children

“Everything always went smoothly, but not anymore.”

Voor basisschoolkinderen

“Voor mijn kind is dat gedrag helemaal niet normaal.”

For preschool kids

“I have the impression that my child has a developmental advantage.”

Gratis downloads

We have prepared four information brochures for you. You can download them for free if you click on them.

Verhalen van andere ouders en kinderen

(Deze verhalen zijn echt. Vanwege de privacy hebben we de namen veranderd en andere foto's gebruikt. Zie de beelden als sfeerfoto's.)

He’s alive

“I wasn’t thinking about giftedness at all. In retrospect, yes. I see it in retrospect too. At the age of three David already knew the alphabet, at the age of five he could read. He was ahead of the others. But you are not so quick to say that something is wrong. I was shocked when they indicated in kindergarten that he was finished, that he wanted to learn other things.

We needed good help

“Two of our three children are helped by Palet. Cem and Aisha. They come there for their giftedness. I think they are also highly sensitive. But that has not been officially established.

You are very alone in your search

“At Palet you first get an intake without your child. Then you can go through the whole situation calmly. Only then does a child talk follow, one child at a time of course.

Indicative Self-Tests

Is your child gifted, gifted or highly sensitive? Then complete the indicative self-test. You might get a better picture then. Do you have any questions about the results? Set them! Contact us via the contact form and we will schedule a meeting.