Mo, Irma, Cem en Aïsha

We needed good help

“Two of our three children are helped by Palet. Cem and Aisha. They come there for their giftedness. I think they are also highly sensitive. But that has not been officially established.

Cem had those tantrums at home. And not just a little bit. He didn’t want to go to school anymore. He thought it was boring there. We thought that was due to a lack of challenge. It was different with Aisha, she withdrew. Got very quiet. Invisible. And suddenly went under. The strange thing was that both children behaved exemplary at school. But when they got home, they were broken.

Giftedness runs in my family. So I was alert to it. Because it is hereditary. I recognize a lot from my own childhood. My daughter in particular is very much like me, that’s how I used to do things.

We needed good help. Then my husband started googling. That search took quite a while because all those authorities promise mountains of gold. A year of hesitation also preceded it. Palette seemed quite appropriate to us. And that turned out to be the case. Good thing, too.

The IB from school thought that we should also go to the GP with our story. For advice and a referral. The doctor cooperated well, he advised to go straight to Palette for both children. A good IQ test had to be taken first.

We also got acquainted at two other institutions, then you have to explain and explain everything. And they still don’t understand. They promise they can help you, but if they don’t really understand giftedness and high sensitivity, it doesn’t feel right.

Recognition and recognition was very important to me. At Palette they just understand my kids. They all have experts. They do that so well. It’s also nice for me to meet other parents there who are in the same boat.

Palette helps the children without realizing that they are getting help. Just half a day a week is enough. Then it does not feel that they have an exceptional position. They just love being there. It does Cem and Aisha a lot of good.”