Giftedness and giftedness + High sensitivity

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Giftedness and giftedness

You have high intellectual capacities (IQ 130+/130-115), a high degree of creativity and a high motivation.


Sometimes one of these three doesn’t come out. You feel questioned. That makes you insecure, because it feels like not complying with ‘how it should be’. You want to adapt. But how do you do that? Children are often not gifted across the board. “Well, he doesn’t really ride a bike yet, does he?”

high sensitivity

You are more sensitive to positive and negative stimuli than others. You catch everything.


Sometimes it’s hard to deal with it. You keep arguing endlessly, even with yourself. Compliments, criticism, or no feel like a personal rejection. That hurts. It’s like having your senses on sticks. As if your brain is constantly on high alert . Inside you react violently to all kinds of signals.

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