What happens after I contact you to discuss my child?
We will answer your email within three working days. In that email you will read when we can invite you for an intake with parent(s) or guardian(s). Important: a referral from a general practitioner or another care provider is required for the intake. After the intake we decide together whether it makes sense to continue. If we continue, we will have a conversation with the child. Once we have all the information, we’ll make a plan.

What about fees?
In many cases, our work is reimbursed from the Youth Act (via Family Supporters). Of course, in some cases it is also possible in the form of private compensation.

How did Palet come about?
Most employees got to know each other when they were still working for their previous employer.
As a new organization, Palet was founded in early 2021 by Alexander Haffmans, at the request of the current employees in order to professionalize the assistance to our target group. Questions about this? Contact Alexander via alexander.haffmans@paletflevoland.nl.

Why was a foundation chosen?
As a foundation, Palet has no profit motive. We intend to apply for ANBI status in due course.

Why is Alexander Haffmans the only director in this foundation?
For practical reasons. The board will be expanded in the short term with at least two co-directors.

​How do the social workers relate to the foundation?
As soon as there is structural work for a care provider, there is the possibility for him or her to enter into permanent employment. In addition, we work extensively with self-employed contracts. Which is very common.

Can I also contact me if I have general questions about giftedness, giftedness or high sensitivity?
Yes you can! If such questions arise in your environment or organization, we try to help. We also provide workshops and training to companies and institutions that deal with gifted and sensitive people. Whether that be adults, young adult adolescents or children.

How does Palet deal with the corona rules?
We follow the directions of the RIVM. If there is no other option, we work online.