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He’s alive

In Uncategorized door william op 9 November 2021, 18:55

“I wasn’t thinking about giftedness at all. In retrospect, yes. I see it in retrospect too. At the age of three David already knew the alphabet, at the age of five he could read. He was ahead of the others. …

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Indicative Self-Tests

In home-section-ten door william op 5 November 2021, 16:09

Indicative Self-Tests Is your child gifted, gifted or highly sensitive? Then complete the indicative self-test. You might get a better picture then. Do you have any questions about the results? Set them! Contact us via the contact form and we …

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We needed good help

In home-section-nine / home-section-nine door william op 5 November 2021, 16:03

“Two of our three children are helped by Palet. Cem and Aisha. They come there for their giftedness. I think they are also highly sensitive. But that has not been officially established.

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You are very alone in your search

In home-section-nine door william op 5 November 2021, 16:02

“At Palet you first get an intake without your child. Then you can go through the whole situation calmly. Only then does a child talk follow, one child at a time of course.

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Free downloads

In home-section-eight door william op 5 November 2021, 16:01

We have prepared four information brochures for you. You can download them for free if you click on them.

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For secondary education children

In home-section-seven / home-section-seven door william op 5 November 2021, 15:52

“Everything always went smoothly, but not anymore.”

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Voor basisschoolkinderen

In Uncategorized door william op 5 November 2021, 15:50

“Voor mijn kind is dat gedrag helemaal niet normaal.”

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For preschool kids

In home-section-seven door william op 3 November 2021, 18:38

“I have the impression that my child has a developmental advantage.”

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For whom?

In home-section-six door william op 3 November 2021, 18:37

For anyone with a suspicion of giftedness, giftedness or high sensitivity. Sometimes with problems at home, at school or elsewhere, sometimes to prevent problems, sometimes with symptoms of autism or ADHD. We also help parents how to deal with it, …

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About Palet Flevoland

In home-section-five door william op 3 November 2021, 15:13

We see how you are, who you are. Alone, with your parents, at school, with others or in a group. We understand what you run into. We prevent it from getting worse and stimulate your development. Palet is the center …

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