Alexander Haffmans


Carolina Vlemmings

orthopedagoog (MA; MSc) en ECHA‐specialist

Esther Wolters–Ouburg


Katja van der Weide

IKK‐gecertificeerde pedagogisch coach en pedagogisch beleidsmedewerker Pikler® pedagoog i.o. en kindercoach

Marella Rentenaar–Caous

begeleider en pedagogisch medewerker

Miran Wardenburg

vaktherapeut Beeldend

Nienke Denekamp

docent PO en Begeleider

Stephanie Schriek

docent PO en Begeleider

Suzanne van der Vaart

orthopedagoog-generalist (MSc)

Tina Broekema

 theaterdocent VO eerstegraads, Begeleider en Trainer

Amy Koolloos


Frouwke Keereweer

pedagogisch medewerker en begeleider

Jitske Arts

docent PO en Begeleider

Karlien Goeman

vaktherapeut drama en docent VO

Liza Keijzer


Loes Brok

vaktherapeut beeldend

Margreet André de la Porte – van Eekelen


May Roeloffzen

orthopedagoog (MSc)

Michella van der Kort

pedagogisch medewerker en begeleider

Shary Martha

pedagogisch medewerker en begeleider


Alexander Haffmans – director
Carolina Vlemmings – remedial educationalist (MA, MSc) and ECHA specialist
Esther Wolters-Ouburg – location manager
Katja van der Weide – IKK-certified pedagogical coach and pedagogical policy officer Pikler® pedagogue IDE and children’s coach
Kelly van Zomeren-Sinke – supervisor and pedagogical employee
Marella Rentenaar-Caous – counselor and pedagogical employee
Marit Webeling – GZ‐psychologist

Miran Wardenburg – visual arts therapist

Mirjam van Willigenburg – psychologist NIP, play therapist, MYmind mindfulness trainer and ECHA specialist
Britt – therapy dog
Nienke Denekamp – PO teacher and supervisor
Sandra Göbel – drama therapist and (basic) psychologist io

Souhaila Laktit – pedagogical group help
Stephanie Schriek – PO teacher and supervisor
Susanne Schmidt – integrative child and youth therapist
Suzanne van der Vaart – remedial educationalist (MSc)
Tina Broekema – theater teacher VO first degree, supervisor and trainer

We all have extensive experience with the gifted, gifted and highly sensitive. Moreover, most of us are ourselves.

The centre
Palet is the center for gifted, gifted and highly sensitive people. We work with children and adults. The earlier we are there, the more effectively we can act. That is why we receive many children 0-18 years. But at any age we can achieve improvement and enlightenment. Just get in touch to discuss what we can do.

This is where all forms of support come together. We advise, guide, treat, accommodate and coordinate. To support you. As quickly as possible, as adequately as possible and as short as possible.

Children 0-18
We understand you. We help you understand who you are and what suits you. And what not. In which areas you are different from others, what that means and how you deal with it without losing yourself. How you understand your environment – and your environment you.

We offer diagnostics, intelligence research, school skills tests, therapy, treatment, coaching, guidance, play groups, a work lab, out-of-school care, toddler care, contact with developmental peers, vocational therapy, specialist youth care for, for example, fear of failure and mood problems. We also work closely with other providers. We offer you what you need, sometimes we refer you, but keep in touch. We are the spider in the web for you.

We adapt flexibly to you. For example, if you suddenly need three sessions with another therapist, fine. We even arrange the financing.

Parents, teachers (PO) and teachers (VO)
We also guide parents, teachers (PO) and teachers (VO) who deal with gifted, gifted and highly sensitive children and young adults. We give practical help on how to go about things. And organize training courses for parents, schools, after-school care centers and nurseries.

Adults and young adults 18 and older
We can also mean a lot for people aged 18+. We help with diagnostics, intelligence research, skills tests, therapy, treatment, coaching, guidance, contact with developmental peers, peer contact groups, professional therapy, specialist care in, for example, fear of failure and mood problems.

About Palet
We were founded to support gifted, more gifted and highly sensitive people from an early age with development issues. This starts with stagnant development at a young age after an initial cognitive advantage. We want to identify, intervene, support and act accordingly as early as possible, as long as the child needs us.

Not sure if you should call for our help? Just get in touch. We are an easily approachable organization, we do not bite and we are not scary. We understand your gifted, more gifted and highly sensitive child. If we are not the right institution, we will let you know as soon as possible. We don’t want to support the right children and young people as much as possible.

Our aim
We want to ensure that gifted, more gifted and highly sensitive children are no longer in a pinch. As has unfortunately happened so often so far. With the right guidance, they too can develop, become happy, perform well and contribute to society.

Schools, playgroups and childcare
It is essential that the school, play and care environments are included in the dialogue. After all, problems in development often manifest themselves there. We are therefore happy to assist these institutions. And those organizations are very welcome with their questions. read more>>

Problems often arise when environment and child do not quite fit together. We should not only look for the solution with the child. Sometimes it helps if the environment treats the child a little differently, understanding and appreciating it better. We therefore involve everyone who plays a role.

This can be the teacher at school, supervisors of the out-of-school care, playroom, daycare or just grandparents. We often see that they put their best foot forward but still do not understand what a child needs.

And of course it is also about the environment that is even closer to the child: at home. We pay a lot of attention to the home situation. What does it require of parents to offer their child the space they need? How are parents themselves in their development and their feelings with regard to giftedness, multi-giftedness or high sensitivity? The family always changes.

Partners and collaboration
Palet offers youth care and is affiliated with Family Supporters and Intraverte as a care provider.

Together with these reliable partners, we ensure that children receive the help they need quickly and precisely. For example, if a specialist is needed that we do not have in-house, they offer a network of good professionals. We’ll arrange that for you.

We also work closely with Appropriate Education Almere .